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Subject: Configurable F1 menu
From: c0utta fish (
Date: 2004-02-21


I see requests for a configurable F1 menu on the mailing list, and I was
wondering whether this is something we want to pursue in Rockbox. As I’m
working on the F2 menu I have added functions to menu.c that would make this
a reality.

We could have a default menu layout defined in a file in \.rockbox. If you
wanted to change the menu structure, then you’d need to edit the file in a
text editor (and follow some very simple rules for layout).

To the core development team - is this something you’d like to pursue ?
Would this assist in saving memory ?

If the answer is yes, then I have found a problem – language codes. I can’t
see how you would be able to use them in a user configurable menu layout
file. Bagder, I’ve tried to get on IRC at the same time as you but I
haven’t been able to sync for 2 weeks (damn timezones!). I would need to
discuss language codes with you if it’s something that we’d like to do in

I’m not fussed – just throwing it out there for comment.



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