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Subject: Re: Video plugin and tools problems/limitations
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-02-22

> >> - Perhaps on the 2 MB recorder it is better to not spin down
> >> the
> > Hmm, then I would have to explicitely prevent the disk from
> > falling asleep. Needs a new plugin function, or I change it to
> > do nothing and you set a long spindown timer. Currently I
> > spindown immediately when the data portion is read.
> It would be sufficient to do it the simple way (currently the
> disk spins up about every 25 s on a 2 MB recorder, so setting
> the spindown timeout to 30 s would prevent it from spinning down
> while watching video (hey - this is only for testing!)

The current daily build has a "hack" to enable testing this. I do the
immediate spindown only if you've set the spindown time to < 20 sec (which should
be the case for "normal" users, 5 s is the default). So you can test with
continuous disk by setting the spindown value to something that is:
a) >= 20 sec
b) long enough to bridge the gaps between buffer refills.


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