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Subject: Re: Fw: A little wish list for the blind

Re: Fw: A little wish list for the blind

From: jobarjo <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:27:47 +0100

synthesis is impossible because the rockbox has access to the headphones
only through the mp3 hardware codec.
To avoid lag, these pieces of pre recorded sounds must be stored in ram.
Again, the thing is not so simple. I have no experience in the rockbox, but
I imagine that when rockbox wants to play a sound, it has to do lot of
1) stop current song (remember where it is)
2) reprogram the codec settings for the sound to be played
3) play the sound
4) reprogram the codec settings back to the song
5) refetch song mp3
The lag should be tolerable if everything is in memory.

One solution I suggest is to record only a small number of short sounds, for
the memory footprint to be minimal.
What about pre recorded numbers or beeps telling where you are in the menu
hierarchy, and then you can navigate with the documentation?

for example, "beep 1" tells you that you are on the root menu over choice
number 1.
"beep 3 5" tells you that you are in menu 3 and submenu or choice number 5
"beep" tells you that you are out of config menu

Of course you have to read your doc to navigate...

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From: "Touillaud Nicolas" <>
To: "'Rockbox development'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 10:02 AM
Subject: RE: Fw: A little wish list for the blind

> Thank you for your answers.
> I don't know if a text to speach engine is usable with the processor, as
> as I've experienced it, such engine use a lot of memory (though I do
> remember such a prog running on an Atari 520 STE, 512kb of ram, 8MHz
> processor...). The advantage is obvious: no need to record anything,
> possibility to identify a folder, a file... But a simple engine is
> to the language.
> As for exploring the menu, I was thinking of a single "indexed" low
> MP3, with all the menu entries, small enough to fit entirely in memory
> remaining understandable. Accessing a menu just play a specfic part of
> cached MP3. Once again, I can't code in C or C++, it's just an idea...
> Note: I just read [IDC]Dragon's post, sorry, I'm late ;)
> Nicolas
> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Rocker []
> Envoyé : mercredi 25 février 2004 05:22
> À : Rockbox development
> Objet : Re: Fw: A little wish list for the blind
> No worries Touillaud. The only bad questions are the one's not asked?
> maybe some are better left not asked eh? (smile)
> I do all my navigating with my memory. It's no fun but right now there is
> no choice. It is virtually impossible to configure rockbox using grey
> matter exclusively.. I am desperate to have some kind of speech access to
> rockbox. The ability to use all the great features such as power
> sleep timer, battery charge etc. The list goes on! There must be some
> of comprehensive text to speech engine that could be modified to work with
> rockbox. It does not need to be perfect. talkbox patch, MP3 SAPI,
> anything! I can see so much potential with this firmware. It's always
> better to build in accessibility at the early stages, then to do it as an
> after-thought. I am beginning to ramble. Thanks to all you people who
> showed an interest in an issue that likely does not impact allot of rock
> boxers. Please don't give up on us...rocker
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Touillaud Nicolas" <>
> To: "'Rockbox development'" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 8:19 AM
> Subject: RE: Fw: A little wish list for the blind
> Hi !
> First of all, sorry if I'm rude, I'm french and I don't know if it is
> "politicaly correct" or even polite to speek to blind people like I'm
> to do. No offense :)
> I just wonder how you, blind users, manage to navigate thru the hard drive
> directory of the box.
> Is it "just" because you know where is everything ? I'm pretty organized
> myself, but since hard drive activity can disturb the navigation, I'm lost
> if I can't see the screen...
> Nicolas
> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Aman Singer []
> Envoyé : mardi 24 février 2004 15:20
> À : 'Rockbox development'
> Objet : RE: Fw: A little wish list for the blind
> Hi.
> As a blind user, to gain access to the menus is what I want, not to
> gain access to them through a synthesizer, or to gain access to them
> MP3 recordings, but just to gain access to them. IMHO, the easiest thing
> the developers to do is fine.
> Aman
> -----Original Message-----
> From: []
> Behalf Of Kevin Jones
> Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 9:04 AM
> To: Rockbox development
> Subject: RE: Fw: A little wish list for the blind
> even if mp3 files were used and not a synthetic voice it would still be
> useful, plus then non-English speakers could make the files in their own
> language.
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Received on 2004-02-25

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