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Subject: Re: Fw: A little wish list for the blind
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-02-25

I have clearly managed to inadvertantly cause offence once again - I shall
very simply acknowledge responsibility for my words and back down with an
apology for any offence inferred.


>BlueChip wrote:
> > "Using the MP3 sounds might be okay, but there is a time lag in the
> > MP3 sounds"
> >
> > Why's that then?
> >
> > "we would not want our menus to use MP3 files"
> >
> > Then we should not waste any further time on this project.
>AFAICT there was only one 'objection' in his post, and that was time
>The statement was (with slight editing of punctuation only):
> >Using the MP3 sounds might be okay, but there is a time lag in the MP3
> >sounds that might be frustrating enough that we would not want our
>menus to
> >use MP3 files as opposed to synthetic speech.
>If the time lag is not an issue, then the use of mp3's is not an issue.
>It seems to me that with the available hardware it is far more likely
>for Jörg to come up with a method for doing [nearly] lagless mp3 menu
>reading (once in the UI and not actively playing music) then it is to be
>able to do any form of text-to-speech conversion on the fly. What is the
>estimated lag time (due to processing load, etc.) for reading of menu
>items by the not-yet-invented T-T-S engine, BTW? =P


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