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Subject: Re: roadmap to blind Rockboxing (need an audio amateur/speaker)
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-02-26

> If someone can get it to work with MP3, I can use the AT&T natural voices
> to
> make MP3 files of all of the menu options, and they can be reduced to
> whatever bit rate is needed.
> I have a program called:
> Text Aloud, and it will convert text files of any size to an MP3 file.

I like the idea to use a text-to-speach program to generate a first set. It
can be automated, is easier to play around with than sending somebody back to
the studio.
For a release, we can then make a set with a real speaker. Thanks to Chris
Holt and Rocker for volunteering.

More urgent I need a decision from "the officials" if I should place this in
the mainline cvs.
And scripting help is still appreciated, my Perl sucks.


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