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Subject: Re: Typical "HD error" problem, but in a wierd situation
Date: 2004-02-26

Hello linus (and the list),

thanks again for your reply, I had some spare time today to bring my jukebox naked.

I see nothing wrong with the springs, they looks exactly as

I don't see any broken wire ...
Furthermore, the drive spins when the batteries are plugged.

> No, the batteries are needed to spin up the HD.

I tried to start my jukebox only with the charger plugged. You're right, the
disc doesn't spin.
The intersting thing is that it doesn't display the "HD ERROR" message, it stops
at the 'Jukebox v.5.03' . IMHO, it means that the it detects the disk and the
disk spins correctly, however ... there is some evil inside.
The more frustrating thing is that I can use the disk (only with windows, the
linux driver doesn't map the disk to a device - cf my first post). I verified
that he's FAT32 formatted and everything's fine with scandisk.

have you (or someone else) any other idea ?


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