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Subject: Re: question about plugin api extension
From: Joseph Jones (
Date: 2004-03-01

[IDC]Dragon wrote:
> I suggest we move away from the plugin idea. This is too limiting, unless
> extended substantially. I need more access to the playback control and
> playlists, an own thread, load a different configuration when in car mode, etc.
> Instead the remote control code should be replaceable, so we have the
> compile option to use the Archos cable remote as default, or your module, my
> Alpine, the IR remote, serial keyboard, whatever there may be in future.
> Ultimately this could be runtime-loadable, a different kind of plugin, but
> I'm not going that far yet.

Yes, this is what I've been thinking about for my palm-top serial
connection idea. Of course, I probably ought not to be touching this
thread with a broom-handle, since I still haven't gotten round to
teaching myself C++...

>>It should be possible to make the rockbox power off by software.
>>but how is it possible to power it on? need a hardware mod? (I only have a
>>not flashable player not a recorder)
> I don't know about the player, but Recorders can be swiched on by a brief
> power pulse on the external supply (less than a second, significantly less for
> flashed boxes). If you plugin the charger, the box starts. The software then
> checks for external power, and if present goes into charging mode. To avoid
> this, and do a regular start, the power must be gone by then, hence the pulse.
> You can later put the power back on, if you like.
> Jörg

I think I read somewhere that it's actually a physical switch inside the
socket. Notice if you plug the charger in, even without the charger
connected to the mains, the unit starts. If that's true then this isn't
a viable option.

> Regarding the CD changer emulation my starting idea is to use a minimal
> firmware with just the CD changer emulator code as front end. Since
when I
> want to use the box for off-car listening I have access to its keypad I
> could easily program a button to rolo the standard rockbox firmware...
> Of course a different kind of plugin would be better but at my rockbox
> internals learning stage I really can't help too much...

Yes, this is another thing I've been thinking about. ROLO is pretty
damned fast at loading firmware.


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