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Subject: Battery issues (CONFIRMED!!!)

Battery issues (CONFIRMED!!!)

From: Lucas <>
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 00:38:52 -0500

So I finally have confirmed (or at least I think so) the battery issue
between using the rockbox firmware. I get SIGNFICANTLY less battery life
with the rockbox vs. the archos firmware. Anyway, I posted this in the bug
tracker, and I thought I would get more traffic and responses on here.
Please let me know what else I can do...thanks. I love the rockbox
functionality, but this is KILLING me...

Anyway, this part is from the bug tracker:

So, I did exactly what I said I would do and what zagor
recommended: I went back to the archos firmware and
compared battery life. What I found is ASTOUNDING.

I played one album (on repeat) for 45 minutes with the
batteries fully charged using a daily build from 3 or 4 days
ago and the archos 1.27d firmware.

The results:

Battery % (new 2200 mHA recharged after each trial)

                 rockbox archos
Initial: 100 100
15 min: 92 *
30 min: 88 *
45 min: 85 100

To get the numerical results for the archos firmware, i quickly
loaded (unplugged), the usb and renamed the firmware file
and read it off the rockbox firmware.

Gentlemen, I REALLY do not think you can overlook this
problem any longer. I had all the correct settings set: Disk
timeout on, anti-skip to 0, max files in a playlist to 1000,
files in a folder to 100, led set to 2 seconds...I don't know
what else to do.

Please give me some feedback. I am more than willing to test
this problem for you. I would like to note that there was some
hard disk activity throughout playing the songs (which were
all 128). the red activity light would turn on perhaps 2-3
times per song (not sure if that's normal or not).

Remember, these are NEW 2200 mHA batteries. According to
the rockbox results, these batteries would only last about
300 minutes or 5 hours.

I will be posting this to the newsgroup to in order to get
some more feedback, but please let me know what can be
done about this! thanks.


Received on 2004-03-02

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