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Subject: Re: Battery issues (CONFIRMED!!!)
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2004-03-02

Lucas wrote:
> I played one album (on repeat) for 45 minutes with the
> batteries fully charged using a daily build from 3 or 4 days
> ago and the archos 1.27d firmware.

Extrapolating the very inaccurate battery readings is a bad idea. Here
is a better way of measuring battery life:

1) Run the Jukebox (with either Rockbox or the Archos firmware) until it
shuts off.

2) Charge the batteries using an external charger.

3) Run one of the firmwares until it it shuts off and measure the runtime.

4) Charge again.

5) Run the other firmware and compare the runtime.

If you don't have an external charger, at least use the same firmware
for charging each time. Use the Archos firmware and charge until it says
"Battery charged".



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