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Subject: Re: Quick Skip/Instant Replay Patch
From: Martin Borus (
Date: 2004-03-03

Benjamin schrieb:

> I waffled on the whether to connect it to the ON button, but got frustrated
> one day when I hit and released the FFWD, which caused the next track to load.
> Given that I use my archos primaraly for long track audio books, this proved
> that my clumsy fingers needed to remap just the FFWD, so that's what my patch
> does. I think the basic functionality needs to be there; what key(s) it's
> bound to is up to the integrator and core developers.
> I'm going to play with the patch some more and may release another one that
> allows the user to specify the Quick Skip and Instant Replay interval separate
> from FFWD/REW.

What do you think about the suggestion Chris Holt made - to call this a
"study" mode that has to be activated if you want to use it? This way
it could become a part of the normal image. I would not mind activating
this mode once before starting a radio show or an audio book.

IMHO Quick Skip looses much of its appeal when you need to press two
buttons to use it.

I can also image that people will actually use this mode for studying
because this gives you much more control abot recorded lectures.



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