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Subject: Re: Bookmarking, booting probs - Feature freeze for 2.2
From: Benjamin (
Date: 2004-03-06

> Problem #1:
> I do not understand the "Recent Bookmark" menu.
> When I enter this menu after booting, this is empty.
> Also, when I create a bookmark and then enter this, it
> is still empty.
> I would expect this to display the last bookmark I made -
> at least right after creating one.
> I'm guessing, could it be that I'm missing a directory in my
> .rockbox folder for the recent bookmarks?

Recent bookmarks only work if you enable them in the settings. The menu item
is still there, but the file will remain empty until you enable the feature.

> Problem #2:
> "List bookmarks" only works while I'm playing/pausing a file in the
> bookmarked directory or when I open the bookmark file itself. When
> the unit is in stop, "list bookmark" doesn't do anything (it does
> not even go into the menu)

List Bookmarks (and Create Bookmark) only works when you are playing a file
because it lists the bookmarks for that file. If there is no file playing or
paused, there are no bookmarks to list.

Checkout for an explanation of booksmarks.


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