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Subject: Re: Remote control
From: Jürgen Hestermann (
Date: 2004-03-09

> >I never got my remote control working at all. It works for about some
> >minutes but then suddenly it stops completely. No matter what
> >button I press it is completely dead. Only if I pull the jack and put it
> >back then it works again for another time slice of some
> >minutes. I already reported this here in the list and at least one person
> >mentioned the same experience.
> >Anybody who has a suspicion what could be the reason and how this could be
> >fixed?
> My suspicion is that the chip in the remote is jamming for some reason.
> experiment: take thin card and cover both sides with tin foil
> attach a wire to each bit of tin foil insert next to battery
> touch wires together to complete circuit. when remote crashes -
> break and remake the contact briefly
> if that works you can install a micro-switch in the remote as a reset button
> it's a bodge, yes, but if it works and you will enjoy the project, then it
> is a fun solution. either way, it will isolate if the problem is with the remote
> of the jukebox :) BC

I am not sure how this experiment can help to determine whether the
remote or the jukebox is the culprit. How do I know that? In both cases the
behaviour could be the same.

Jürgen Hestermann.


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