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Subject: Turn-on procedure
From: David H. Straayer (
Date: 2004-03-12

It seems that before I flashed a daily build, the Archos firmware required a
moderately long hold of the ON button to power the box up. Since flashing,
it seems that a quick press of the ON button wakes up Rockbox.

Fine, except that I just experienced a battery-drain due to unplanned ON
state. Apparently, the ON button got pressed as I put my Recorder V2 in my

Is the default turn-on supposed to be this easy?

If we want to change the turn-on procedure from a long press to a quick tap,
shouldn't we make the change configurable, so klutzes like me don't
inadvertently drain their batteries?

On a similar vein, shouldn't we process all turnoff commands if someone
presses and holds OFF during play? It certainly seems to be all under code
control. That way, we would always correctly update RESUME and BOOKMARK
information on any shutdown.

Dang, I wanted to read my book, but I have to wait 'till the batteries
charge up now.

Dave Straayer


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