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Subject: Re: Hello
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2004-03-15

At 15:57 15/03/04, you wrote:

>Eric Linenberg said:
> > Yes. Actually the way it currently works (thanks to Jörg) is both
> > boot images are stored in your flash.
> >
> > ------------------------------------
> > | archos | |
> > | firmware | rockbox |
> > | | |
> > ------------------------------------
> >
> > by default it boots to rockbox, and when you re-flash it will only
> > overwrite the rockbox part, but if you hold down F1, you can always
> > boot to the archos firmware.
> >
> > And, you can always go back and re-flash the whole flash as the archos
> > firmware.
> >
>Ahhh.. Is there any reason NOT to update to the latest Archos firmware
>when I get the jukebox BEFORE I apply Rockbox? By which I mean to say do
>Archos do any nasty things like have their firmware check for other ones
>or something like that?
>Thanks for the info!

I feel there may be confusion here ...the "NORMAL" install of rockbox is
just a file in root ...the IN-ROM firmware checks for this file, and loads
it at startup. So to remove a "NORMAL" install of Rockbox, you just erase
this file from the hard drive.

SOME jukeboxes come with FLASHable chips (ROM), if you are lucky, you can
also/instead place Rockbox firmware in the chip for super-fast
startup. Because the flash chips are twice as big as required, you can
hold two firmwares in the chip, and select the 'other' one by holding a
button as you power up.

The Archos upgrades ONLY work by the "NORMAL" method.

Hope that helps :)



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