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Subject: Re: Mp3 corruption?

Re: Mp3 corruption?

From: Jean Boullier <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 05:15:52 +0100

The only "reasonable" explanation I can think of right now is a disk
caching problem. For example in Win95 there has been a time where the
shutdown could eventually switch off your PC before the disk cache had
been completely rewritten to disk. This has been fixed at some time.
Obviously people who might occasionally switch off their PC without
running the normal shutdown are exposed too, as well as people who would
disconnect their Archos without first detaching it properly (or
successfully) from the host PC.

A reason why this problem could hurt mp3 files more often than other
types of file is that mp3s are a typical target for massive operations
like copying, moving (e.g. between the PC and an mp3 player) or updating
(like massive tag updates). Also, because of their structure, the chance
that a corrupted mp3 file still be a valid mp3 file is quite high if you
have created most of them with the same software. Personally (I think) I
have never had this problem myself but I remember having got such files
via Kazaa sometimes. At this time I assumed that they had been created
this way on purpose by people against the mp3 sharing concept but maybe
there were simply accidents like yours.


Nathan Gray a écrit:

> Hey all,
> Not sure what kind of problem this is, but I've experienced it to some
> degree over the last six years on many pcs and filesystems ranging
> from win95 && fat16 to ntsf && XP.
> Problem: After some amount of time, songs seem to corrupt themselves
> and exchange frames with seemingly unrelated mp3s. Let me give an
> example: some mp3, say xxyy.mp3 in subfolder xxyy up and mixed with
> wwpp.mp3 in subfolder wwpp.
> The locations of the mixing files is random, and it appears that at
> some point memory bits in the filesystem freaked out and so mixed with
> those of a song. It does not go both ways though - only one song is
> affected at a time, which makes it really hard to track down which
> files are screwed up! Indeed it makes for a rude awakening when you
> are listening to say Bach and a portion of a Godsmack song kicks in at
> the 3 minute mark.
> This usually happens when I have a large number of song files on a
> partition say 10-15gb...Also, text and other file formats don't get
> corrupted.
> Anyone had this problem? Is it a result of cross-linked files? If so,
> how do I avoid this? It's a horrid waste of time to have to go back
> and rip the cd or find the mp3 someplace on the net. You know?
> Nathan
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Jean Boullier - Rouen - Normandie - France
Received on 2004-03-16

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