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Subject: Re: Plugged in Car-charger - smoke out of my box - no charging
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2004-03-16

blaou wrote:

> after I broke my old car-charger for my Archos Recorder, I bought a new
> one with changeable voltage.

So what voltage had you selected?

> After I plugged it into my Archos, Smoke
> came out of my recorder.

That's never a good sign.

> Now it is actually still working - but charging the batteries does not
> work anymore.

I hope that you have had enough sense to stop using the car adapter as
it is obviously putting out too high a voltage.

> Can this be fixed?

Probably, provided the parts are available (which they probably are).

> Is it this "soldering the charging circuit"-something
> people talk about on this list? (I tried searching the Mail-Archive
> but ended up with IRC-Logs....)

Probably not.

> Is there maybe a description for it or
> do I have to bring it to some kind of mechanic?

Mechanic? No. You need to find someone who services electronics, like
an electronic engineer.

   Fred Maxwell


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