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Subject: Re: Voice UI
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-03-17

> I noticed that when scaning thru the menus quickly the voice output is
> clipped. When you go over two menu items quickly you hear the start of the
> first item and the end of the second. Would it be possible to cut the
> first (as it is now) and start the second from the beginning?

That's what I do, but at the seam the frame structure is broken.
This is known, will be done once I fugured out the best way to re-sync the

> Do I get it right that the actual voice information is stored in the
> voicefont file? So, is a new voicefont required for updated rockbox
> builds?

Only if new spoken items appeared. You won't hear those with an old

> How can I generate a voicefont file or is it gonna be available on the
> rockbox daily build page?

Should be available at some time, yes. Right now the procedure is not
You can also do your own one, my webspace contains a program to do so. You
need a clip per language ID, filename same as the ID, with mp3 extension.


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