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Subject: Re: wireless audio link. hiss problems on songs.. via archos/rockbox 2.2
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2004-03-19

Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
> 0x7f * 92 / 100 = 0x73 == 0dB
> 0x7f * 93 / 100 = 0x76 == +3dB
> (we should really move from % to dB for the volume control)


I really like it better as a percent. It is more intuitively obvious to
non-technical people.

The average person doesn't know the difference between dB SPL and dbV.
If most people see "0dB", they think that means "silent." They don't
understand the relationship between the "dB" number that they see on the
display and the dB figure that they see in the efficiency rating of
their headphones, why there are negative dB "levels", etc. I'm sure
that there would even be some people who would think that their hearing
couldn't be damaged because the volume was "only" at 12dB -- and 12dB
can't hurt your hearing.

In fact, I don't even know if you mean dBV, dBu, or dBm.

   Fred Maxwell


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