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Subject: Re: Broken LCD :(
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-03-19

> Well my two-month-old recorder 2.0 from Amazon died the other day. More
> specifically the unit powers up but the LCD does not show anything.
> Sometimes I can get it to display vertical bars for a moment. It still
> plays whatever was in my playlist just fine.

Then it should be under warranty, or?

> So I've decided to keep it as it still makes a nifty USB 2 hard drive. I
> was wondering if anyone on the list might have a recorder with a good LCD
> but a broken something-else that I could buy. Also I've read in the
> archives something about TalkBox - will this really be feasible to use
> with a dead LCD?

When I'm finished, this may the lowest level of fallback, yes.

> I've seen in the archives also some talk of a replacement LCD supplier in
> the UK. Not positive if it would fix the problem, and it seemed a little
> pricey. I'm in the US so shipping and payment would be a hassle.

In the US, you have NewMp3Technology. They sell replacement LCDs:


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