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Subject: Re: Voice UI, step 3 done (numerical settings spoken)

Re: Voice UI, step 3 done (numerical settings spoken)

From: Glenn Ervin at Home <>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:32:46 -0600

I was going to report on this today too, i.e., sound settings work but no
others in the top level.
Some of the numeric values still don't read, like display, battery charging
level, and all of the scroll bar functions.
BTW, if you spell plugins as PlugIns, with the capital letters, it should
say plugins like we are used to hearing it.
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From: "[IDC]Dragon" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 2:22 AM
Subject: Re: Voice UI, step 3 done (numerical settings spoken)

> > I just committed my next step, speaking out the numbers. This needs a
> > new "voicefont" (we're in search for a better term, it's not a font)
> How about just calling it a voice file?

OK, I can try that. ;-)

> It works great, except in the top level menu, I _only_ get voice for
> "Sound Settings". All six other items are silent. All submenu entrieswork

This is strange. Do you have inconsistant sources, or is anybody else
getting this, too?

> A few nitpicks:
> - The "tenths" are a bit too long, i think. 75 sounds like "seventy five"
> instead of "seventy-five". I guess it's just a question of cutting the
> samples?

Yes. I used TTS to make separate clips from the number "atoms" (I had to),
so the program is phasing out the voice at the end. Some more agressive
ttrimming (requires manual work) could improve this.

> - Overall the volume of the voice is a bit too loud, I think. It is much
> louder than most music I play, anyway. Enough to be an unpleasant

This again could be reworked in the voice file, to have it not really using
full range. Another way could be to have a configurable "delta volume" for
the voice, but I'm not too fond of another option.

> - I think the voice file should be buffered by tree.c if the mp3 buffer is
> not occupied. Then there would be no delay when entering the menu. And
> since the disk is mostly spinning anyway when you enter tree.c witout mp3
> playing (i.e. at boot and when pressing STOP), we'll actually get fewer
> in total.

I'm not sure I understand how this would improve. I don't want to load the
voice file without necessity, and not generally on boot. So I load it when
it's needed and not in buffer. Can I be more graceful or prophetic?

There's one change I want to do against the existing implementation:
The check if the voice file is present will be moved to talk_init(). At the
init time, the disk is spinning anyway. Currently this is done when the
clip is needed, i.e. when entering the menu for the first time. Users
without the voice file get an unnecessary spinup here. Later it remembers
no file and doesn't try again.

> - I want a global option to enable/disable voice.

Certainly. I was planning to do that together with the talkbox patch, which
also needs 2 options. The question would be where to put it. Talkbox options
used to be in the file view menu (makes sense), versus the talking menu is
something else. On the other hand it would make sense to have all the talk
options in one place. Any opinions?


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