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Subject: Re: voice debugging (was Re: Voice UI, step 3 done)
From: Jens Arnold (
Date: 2004-03-21

>> I did test the latest voice UI and did also notice that some
>> menu entries/ values are not spoken:
>> (Main menu)
>> - Bookmarks
>> - General Settings
>> - Recording
>> - Playlist Options
>> - Browse Plugins
>> - Info

> This is the bib unsolved mystery. I have no clue why for some
> people big parts of the main menu are not spoken. It works for
> me, as well in my own build than in the downloaded daily
> build.

It gets even more mysterious: After applying your latest
updates, all entries of the main menu are spoken again, but now
one entry which worked before does not!

This is:

(General Settings/Playback)

- FFwd/Rewind

>> (Sound Settings)

>> - Channels: Karaoke

>> I know where this problem comes from. This problem also
>> occurs if you set this to Karaoke and then continue using the
>> menu. To avoid it, I would suggest that as long as the voice
>> file is loaded this setting, although changeable in the UI,
>> is tied to Mono internally and will get applied as soon as
>> some music starts playing.

> Brr, I don't like to add special cases for this detail. I'd
> rather prefer to ignore this. Is anybody using Karaoke, and
> then maybe together with the voice menu?

I guess not. At least I never used a different setting than
simple "Stereo".

All other entries and values are now spoken properly, if I did
not overlook something. How did you manage to get your voice
file smaller every time you added entries?!

Regards, Jens


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