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Subject: Re: How to get them to manufacture for us: An idea and a draft

Re: How to get them to manufacture for us: An idea and a draft

From: roland <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 02:36:46 +0100


.....for apple`s ipod product line!


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From: "Rocker" <>
To: "Rockbox development" <>
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2004 2:13 AM
Subject: Re: How to get them to manufacture for us: An idea and a draft

> Personally (if the world was perfect) The Rockbox team as well as dedicated
> users would pool their resources and design our very own player and go into
> business! loll!
> rocker
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> From: "Björn Stenberg" <>
> To: "Rockbox development" <>
> Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2004 2:51 PM
> Subject: Re: How to get them to manufacture for us: An idea and a draft
> David H. Straayer wrote:
> > I've done a (very crude) first draft of such an article, below.
> > Let's pass it around and comment on it. I'll dredge through my
> > old notes, and Google around to try to find placement for it.
> >
> > What do you think?
> An interesting initiative. I think you should be wary about painting a too
> rosy picture, however.
> > An international team of open-source software writers has
> > entirely re-written, from the "ground up",
> Nitpick: We haven't re-written anything. We've just written it. Re-written
> would mean we've done it before. :-)
> > Here are some of the key advantages of this approach:
> > 1. No software/firmware development costs. Obviously a big plus
> This is only true if the device they make is an exact Archos clone, which is
> unlikely. After all, the Archos design is pretty old by now. Most new
> designs will want to use better components and perhaps different features.
> These changes, whatever they are, need to be supported by the firmware.
> A manufacturer can not depend on Rockbox, or any other voluntary team, to
> write this for them, for free, on schedule. Open Source software is, by
> definition, not written on schedule.
> What Rockbox provides them with, rather, is an "mp3 player starting kit".
> For a small price (their changes), they get a complete mp3 player firmware.
> All they need to do is adapt some of the drivers to their hardware. (Which
> of course they could do by contracting one or more Rockbox developer.) This
> will cut down their firmware development cost greatly, but it won't
> eliminate it.
> I think it is important to stress the sharing part. The price they pay for
> using our software is that we get all their modifications in return. This is
> sometimes overlooked by companies who seem to view Open Source code as
> freebies they can grab and use however they like.
> > the Rockbox team at
> >
> I would suggest linking to our front page rather than
> the mailing list info page. If you like, you can list me as contact person.
> > They probably will even be
> > happy to provide some preliminary schematics,
> Do you really mean this? Or do you mean we'll be happy to _review_
> preliminary schematics? I'm not aware of anyone offering perliminary
> schematics.
> Overall I think it's an exciting initiative. I just want to make sure we
> don't misrepresent the nature of Open Source Software or write something
> that's "too good to be true".
> --
> Björn
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Received on 2004-03-22

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