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Subject: AJB wake up in car application
From: Matthias Klumpp (
Date: 2004-03-24

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a uC project that is emulating a CD changer
connected to a car manufacturer radio.
This because I want to replace the CDC with my Archos Jukebox Player.

I'm now able to remote control the AJB, to shut it down when power is shut
down (using the Rockbox build in feature).
As I noticed there are some activities to create acustical output.

Summarizing there is nearly everything available to let the Archos disapear
completely from the cockpit.
One feature is missing. That is to wake the AJB up, when power returns.
Currently I need to have the AJB within reach, to press ON if I want to
switch it on.

For such an application I would recommend to let the power permanently
connected to the AJB (that's my prerequisite).

Is there already any possibility to realize such a wake up ?

If, yes:
What has to be done?

If, no:
Why ?
When there is a possibility to shut the device down (e.g. in something like
a sleep mode), the it should be principally possible to wake it up again.



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