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Subject: RE: How to get them to manufacture for us: An idea and a draft

RE: How to get them to manufacture for us: An idea and a draft

From: xx xx <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 17:27:34 +0100 (MET)

Hi Carlos,

> Mathias, good ideas, but it will be absolutely critical to choose a
> manufacturer / assembler very very carefully. US manufacturers already
> have huge problems with Asian manufacturers ripping off technology and
> reselling here. I am sure that Europe has the same problems.

That's why I wanted to point that out.

> One idea
> could be to choose a manufacturer with limited market for a rip-off and
> who does not have the infrastructure to successfully market overseas. To
> do this will require a lot of work, however.

You probably have not read my PS:
> I could make a contact with some guys in Brazil, that could have ability
> to assemble these units, if there is any interest.
> Of course this would not be the way to produce large quantities, but
> could be enough to handle "individual" quantities.

That means the following:

These guys do NOT have any ability to develop HW, but they are good
Advantage is, that they could assemble the units and handle distribution and
shipping, but they will not do any development. That needs to be provided by
the rockbox crew.

Now some could point out "why they will be satisfied with assembling work
for ever?". Well the answer is pretty simple:
Assuming doing like this, they will earn their money with assembly and with
nothing else.
They could also get another benefit out of that, if they are free to do the
distribution in Brazil (or maybe on the whole world). If they get to the
point to start development e.g. of HW, they will have the need to maintain also
the part of SW and visa versa. That's not possible for a small company with
only 5 employees or so.

> 1. generate some steam by accepting donations for the project via paypal
> (don't know how successful this would be; probably wouldn’t be able to
> gather enough money to even put a dent in what is needed).
> 2. Procure a strategic alliance or sponsorship with a company friendly
> to open source (the question is who! and we're back to Mathias'
> concerns)
> 3. Gather some support from a university with resources that could be
> beneficial to the project.

All of the a.m. mentioned are pretty good ideas, but in fact I don't see any
reason why anybody should donate or sponsor (even if I wished there would be
one ;-)))

> I don't mean to sound pessimistic in all of this, but I think that the
> only way to successfully do this is to follow a shoe-string strategy and
> get as much as possible done "in house" by Rockbox hw / sw developers,
> via donations, sponsorships, etc. Then pursuing a manufacturer to bring
> the costs down would be MUCH easier.

I agree totally with you.

> I even have some contacts throughout the manufacturing industries
> of Brazil and Argentina, if we are in fact interested in this.

You too ??? ;-O))



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