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Subject: Re: Genres redux
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2004-03-26

Jake Wilcox wrote:

> I have to disagree with you, Fred. It irks me not to have the entire track
> name tagged, and with a collection like mine, I'd have cut titles far too
> often.

To each his own, Jake. I have my collection arranged in tree-structured
directories. Every subdirectory off of the root directory is an artist
name. The next level down is the album name. Below that are the
individual tracks which I have named "Track#. Track Title" where
"Track#" is two digits. Thus, anything which sorts by filename will
play the tracks in order. In the ID3v1.1 tags, I the track title is not
prefaced by the track number.

Therefore, I see files like:

MP3/Jackson Browne/The Very Best of Jackson Browne (Disc 1)/9. Fountain
of Sorrow.mp3

That's pretty easy even before looking at the ID3 Tag: It's Jackson
Brown performing "Fountain of Sorrow", which is track 9 on "The Very
Best of Jackson Browne (Disc 1)."

Even when there a track name that exceeds the 30 character limitation of
the ID3 tag, it's still pretty obvious what's playing based on the
directory structure.

   Fred Maxwell


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