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Subject: Re: voice UI step 4 now has talkbox, and more
From: ruiner (
Date: 2004-03-27

    Firstly much thanks to [IDC]Dragon for all the amazing improvements and
features to his credit. Who'd have thought this lil box could boot so
quickly, play a video and speak?

    Now that I've buttered 'em up, time to complain! I promptly flashed the
latest daily build and found it quite satisfying, but for one thing:
.dirname.mp3 is counted as a numbered file when it's set to speak numbered
files, so the actual content is numbered one too high. Not too annoying to
me, as I doubt I'd use the numbered files approach anyway, but I felt it
should be called to your attention.

    I also have a suggestion/question, would it be possible to use a
voicefont type system to name the tracks? Such as a .tracklist.voice file
in each directory with the titles of each tune. I realise this wouldn't
work too well for those people with massive file counts in each directory,
but it seems that the /artist/album/ etc is a fairly common method of
organising ones mp3s. Automating the process of generating the files would
probably be challenging though, I know my MP3s would be okay relying on the
ID3 tags, or a wildcard system, but that's far from universally true.

    Anyway, thanks to *everyone* for the great work on Rockbox, it was the
factor that sold me on getting an archos! And now I'll go back to lurking.



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