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Subject: Re: Really OT

Re: Really OT

From: c s <>
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 16:27:37 -0800 (PST)

--- Neon John <> wrote:
> If the streaming media is real audio or some
> versions of wma, Streambox VCR
> will do the job even better. It grabs the
> datastream directly and can grab as
> many different streams at the same time as your
> bandwidth permits.
> It was forced off the market by Real a few years ago
> while in beta. Therefore
> you'll have to google for it. It is pretty crude
> and several of the features
> don't work but it does a jam-up job at its core
> purpose.

So to sum up your description of Streambox VCR...
"crude", "several features don't work", "forced off
the market while in beta", works only "if the
streaming media is real audio or SOME versions of
wma". Sorry but that doesn't sound superior to TR in
any way, except for possibly the obscure ability to
capture multiple streams at the same time.

> For shoutcast (streaming mp3), the earlier versions
> of winamp in the 2.x range
> will write the stream directly to disc instead of
> having to go through the
> audio channel and maybe get polluted with other
> sounds produced by other
> programs. Simply select as the output whatever
> format writer you like. WAV
> and MP3 are supported for sure. Others probably are.

OK, so to handle one other specific type of streaming
audio I can downgrade to an old version of winamp to
get the same capability that TR offers.

> Either are superior to Total Recorder which is
> nothing more than a virtual
> tape recorder.

Not exactly. Since TR lets you capture and record ANY
stream that you have an application to receive, I see
the other two limited solutions that you have
suggested as inferior.

> Especially when the computer is in
> use for other things at the
> same time.

I use my computer for everything else while doing TR
recordings and everything comes out just fine and

>TR is subject to all the things that
> corrupt windoze sound
> including other sounds, pauses caused by other
> activity and network
> congestion.

Again not true. With TR, it captures only the sound
from the application that you are recording. I never
get system sounds other sounds from other sources on
my recordings.... and Streambox isn't any less
susceptible to network congestion issues. If the
stream is interrupted due to network congestion, it
doesn't matter who is trying to receive it...
Streambox or the actual application that it is meant
for. If there is network congestion and the stream
isn't there, it isn't there for anybody, including

>Capturing the original data stream
> alleviates all of these
> problems.

As detailed above, Streambox either doesn't alleviate
the problem (like network congestion) or the alleged
problem doesn't exist when using TR.

TR lets the actual application capture and process the
original data stream and then picks off the audio
before it is sent to your sound card. So in addition
to working for ANY stream that you have a receiving
application for, Total Recorder is dirt cheap, fully
functional, and is constantly being updated and
improved (at no further cost to the user).

BTW, you didn't say, but does tracking down and
installing the "crude, forced off the market" beta
version of Streambox, or tracking down and downgrading
to an old obsolete version of winamp offer the timer
recording features that the original poster said he
wanted? Total Recorder has a very nice multiple event
timer feature that lets you specify start and stop
times, different input and output settings, and
different file naming and file location settings for
each timer event.


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Received on 2004-03-29

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