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Subject: Re: I'm Seeing RED

Re: I'm Seeing RED

From: Paul Brousseau <>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 22:15:22 +0000 (UTC)

Scott Steinbrueck <ssteinbr <at>> writes:

> The dreaded RLOD - My V2 has the Hitachi DK23DA20 hd. I've been
> browsing through the lists and saw that this drive commonly has
> problems. Every day on the 25 min commute I get about two freezes. The
> Red light is solid and the progress bar stops (NOT silent play).
> During the 8 hour day when the jukebox sits on my desk it plays fine.
> So...definitely movement related. Putting the jukebox in its carrying
> case helps some but it still freezes occasionaly.
> When I get the RLOD, I turn off the jukebox, wait a minute, then
> turn it back on. Usually it'll start back up at the Resume screen, but
> I often get the ERROR ATA -1 PRESS ON TO DEBUG. After pressing ON, I
> get the debug screen and all the values fluctuate for awhile. Turn it
> off then back on, and it goes back to normal (at least until the next RLOD).

I've had a similar expirience this weekend.

I have a ~10 month old v1 Recorder 20 (with black corners and faceplate-- I
don't see pics of that often). For the first 6 months of its life, it got
something like 10 hours a day regular usage, on and off the charger. More
recently, it's been ~2 hours a day, pretty much as a portable HD running off
the charger. On the weekends it runs off batteries for a couple hours in the
car. No hardware modifications, original batteries, RockBox 2.1, no flash
update (sad).

It gets transported in the outer flap of my knapsack... shouldn't be too much
pressure on the case, but it's certainly not 100% safe from bumps and jarring.

OK, so this weekend, I was in the car, and I got some nasty behavior. I went
to play a song (after it had been on for a few minutes), and after the song
starts, the red light stays on, and the screen freezes. The song continues,
but once the memory is exhuasted (some 1:30 into the song), that stops too.
I turn the Archos off, and restart it. Everything looks OK-- no error
messages. I navigate to the same song, play, and I get the same behavior.
Repeat a third time, same thing.

Later that evening, I decide to have another go... different songs, but it
works A-OK. Today, it's at work, with it's usual duty as portable HD, and
it's 100%. The song that was giving trouble yesterday plays just fine, as
does everything else.

Any thoughts? I am loath to make hardware repairs, as I'm not amazingly
handy with a soldering iron and small parts, but if it's a simple hardware
repair, I'll try it. I purchased the unit at Circuit City, and while I have
the purchase protection plan, they don't sell earlier model Archos goods



Received on 2004-03-30

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