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Subject: RE: playlist usability issues
From: Leif Sawyer (
Date: 2004-03-30

Isaac Kriegman writes:
> I frequently encounter this problem where I spend 10 minutes carefully
> building a play list, and then accidentally press play on a
> song and my entire play list is erased. I seems like I could
> compulsively save my play list after each addition, but it doesn't
> seem like I should have to from a usability standpoint.
> I think the ideal functionality for the play button would be
> to add the current song to the play list, and if I wanted to clear
> the play list I could do that separately.

After a party this weekend, and hitting this issues quite a few times
due to .. um.. improper application of alcohol and MP3 queueing.. I'm
inclined to agree with Isaac.

Once it's been established that we're in a playlist-generation mode, while
we're in the browse-mode, 'play/pause' should act as 'insert->last' so that
it's a very quick way to add music to the end of the playlist, and won't
accidently erase your hard work.

Additionally, some visual feedback in the screen would be wonderfull,
me know that I'm in a temporarily-generated playlist. Optionally with a
flag that shows me if i've saved it since the last modification.

this would bring the usability up tremendously!


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