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Subject: Re: archos as a cd changer

Re: archos as a cd changer

From: Fernando Birra <>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 11:48:34 +0100


>"jobarjo" <> escreveu na mensagem
>Fernando Birra wrote:
>>I've started from the Alpine M-BUS plugin from Jörg and modified it to
>>interact with the IBUS used in BMW cars. So now, I have an Archos "CD
>>Changer" in my car...
>Great! I think I should have bought an alpine... it would have been
>simpler... But I like the CD text feature...
>>The code from Jörg is very good (what else could we expect) and it already
>>addresses most of the stuff you mention like hardware interrupts and
>>queueing of request. I used a playlist approach to the emulation. For now
>>am simulating 6 discs (the radio only has 6 direct access buttons) using 6
>>playlists stored at the root folder, called DISC1.M3U through DISC6.M3U.
>>you take a look at the code in the apps directory called playlist.c you
>>find most of the code you need to start, shuffle, create, etc playlists.
>>my emulator I process the messages coming from the bus directly instead of
>>using a gateway like you intend to do.
>Why not keeping the behaviour of the standard archos buttons? you just
>have to map your head unit buttons to archos buttons so you can keep all
>functionallity and all evolutions of rockbox in your car...
>for example you can map cd6 to the 'ON button', etc..

Well, I was planning on using the archos mainly at the car and the idea that
immediately came to my mind was to replace the rockbox firmware with a
modified version that would immediately talk to the bus once you turned the
jukebox on. Perhaps a different approach can be taken later. At this stage
of development I am still worried about getting the protocol between the
jukebox and the headunit error free. Since I don't have a CD changer to spy
I have to guess some of the things.

About the idea of mapping the bus requests to standard archos buttons I
don't think it would be done easily. The CD changer approach is not tree
oriented like the folders in our jukeboxes. So, we would need to map the
linear structure of the CD changer to the tree structure of the file
system... Do you have an idea of a good mapping between the CD changer
organization (Disc->Track) to the file system organization?

>I intend to use the Head unit as a generic lcd display except that it
>has 8 characters... (a little poor I know)
>Is your code still a plugin that jorg did publish some times ago?

Nope, the code at this point jumps to the emulator after all the rockbox
initializations are done. However, it returns to the normal rockbox code if
you press the STOP button :) This way I can still use the jukebox at home at
the expense of an extra button press.

>>If you want we could further discuss this topic using e-mail.
>>Kind regards
>>Fernando Birra
>>PS. I will make the code available to all those interested. It is just
>>there are still some quite ugly piece of code in there and a bunch of
>could you send it to me just for consultation? Please use 'sophana at
>>' (the jobarjo78 mailbox is a thrash spammed mailbox)

Sure, I'll send it today.

Fernando Birra

Received on 2004-04-01

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