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Subject: Re: JBRV2 and no speech
From: scott (
Date: 2004-04-02

--- arnaud de Bonald / Netcava BBS <> wrote:
> I have just purchased an used V2 recorder and installed Rockbox
> (latest build) with the english.voice file in the .rockbox\langs
> directory.

so far so good.

> but.... it doesn't speak at all.

you need to turn voiced menus on in the F1 menu, i believe.

> I can switch my toy on, hear the disk speening and then I can press
> What I think is the f3 key which start the FM tuner.
> if I press the stop it , it simply stop it.

if the F3 key is the radio you are not using rockbox, you're using the archos firmare. if the
archos firmware _has_ a radio menu, it's not a V2, it's an FMR.

> btw.... the strange thing is that the manual on the CDrom with the
> unit is the one for the FM Recorder.

while some V2s had the radio in them and were just rebranded FMRs, archos disabled the use of the
FM tuner in it's firmware, so i think you have an FMR. try installing the FMR daily build and
report back with your results.


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