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Subject: Re: bugs in latest cvs as of 4/4/04
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2004-04-04

[IDC]Dragon wrote:

>>Found a few small bugs in 4/4/04 CVS. First, if voice directories is
>>set to while hovering, you cannot turn the unit off if you press the
>>off key it just wants to play the .dirname.mp3 over again.
> You turn it off by pressing Off longer. Just tapping it says the talkbox
> clip again, a side effect, but is this bad?

I noticed that at first, too, but the long press does the job, as Jörg
said. I generally press 'pause' first, since music is usually playing,
and then hold the long 'off' to shut things down once all disk activity
is over.

>>When loading a .cfg file, even though it says hover in the file, the
>>setting is always as numbers.
> Fixed now, thanks!

Nice - now I don't have to fly through the config menus at stoplights to
reset this anymore. =)


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