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Subject: Re: i knew better but......
From: Andreas Stemmer (
Date: 2004-04-06

Brendan Hack wrote:
> I just managed to blow the charging circuit on my original model recorder (20gig).
> From a previous email from Jörg I understand that I need an MC34063A to replace the existing chip on the back of the main board (which seems to be the one labelled 34063A in the bottom right of, though I couldn't seem to find this chip on the schematic at

Partially right. The "normal effect" of inserting a charger with wrong
polarity is a blown MC34063A. You'll find it in the schematic of the
_interface_ board.
The picture on the rockbox website is a recorder with 6 or 10 GB and USB
1.1! On my recorder 20 with USB 2.0, the layout is a little bit
different, the MC34063A is on the top side of the interface board. You
can easily find it by just removing the faceplate.

I recently repaired a jukebox with a blown charging circuit and the
MC34063A was still intact. It was just a little smd ferrite bead which
was blown. It was easy to find because it left a little crater on the

> I'd just like to confirm that this is what I need and whether I need the 8-SOP or 8-DIP version. I think it's the 8-SOP going by the photo.

Yes, 8-SOP

> Also, does anyone know where I could pick one of these up in Australia?

I don't know any distributor in Australia, but as a fallback solution,
you could contact any manufacturer and ask for a free sample.



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