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Subject: Re: playlist usability issues
Date: 2004-04-07

Björn , could you please stick it in the FAQ (even if it should actually
be on the main page), because you put it so well that it would be a pity
if it would just be lost in the archives.

(Plus, it made me feel extra good about quitting my last job. :^)

/Jan Gajdos

"The gods told me to relax, and said I'm gonna be fixed up right.
- Monster Magnet

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004 at 17:10, Björn Stenberg wrote:

> Lucas wrote: > > That's unfortunate. I see that there is a huge emphasis on the voice control > > features for "blind" rockboxing. Hopefully when they're done with that, they > > can get around to working on "party mode". > > ... > > I just hope party mode or some other interface tweaking is on the agenda > > next :) > > You appear to make the common mistake of confusing Rockbox development > with that of commercial projects. There is not much of an agenda for the > development of Rockbox. Anyone who wants to write new features can do > that. > > The current "huge emphasis" on the voice code is because a single > developer, Jörg, decided he wanted to write it. It's not because > "Rockbox project management" decided voice support is a more important > feature than anything else. > > That is the nature of Free Software: People write code that scratches > their own itches, or that simply is fun to write. Everybody working with > Rockbox is doing it for fun. A wide or narrow audience actually has only > little bearing on the choice of features to implement. > > The moment someone with a bit of time to spare and the necessary > programming skills (or a will to learn them) feels "party mode" is a > sufficiently useful feature, it will be written. > > (That could be you.) > > -- > Björn > _______________________________________________ > _______________________________________________

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