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Subject: Re: single pass .rvf video conversion with DirectShow filter
From: Bob Pearse (
Date: 2004-04-08

Ooops. I meant 8 minutes for a 30 minute show. I just did a 1 hour Star
Trek TNG and it took about 20 minutes for a 1 hour show. I have a P4 2.2Ghz

To better show how my filters are set up:

|tng.mpg | => Elecard MPEG2 Demux Vid | => Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder |
=> | .RVF filter|
| | Aud |
=>------------------------------------->| |

So nice!

"Bob Pearse" <> wrote in message
> This new .rvf DirectX filter is GREAT! I dumped a Simpsons episode from
> my DishPlayer 7200 PVR using Dishrip (DishPlayer is a PVR that records
> satellite shows for Dish Network). Dishrip outputs in .mpeg, so I just
> took the dumped file, ran it into Elecard demux and MPEG2 decoder, and
> into .rvf filter. Audio went straight from demux to .rvf. The output
> plays perfectly on my Archos Recorder 20. Exceptional quality, and very
> easy. Only downside was the conversion took a bit of time (about 4
> minutes for this 30 minute show), so some sort of ability to 'batch'
> convert a bunch of files overnight would be great.
> But for now, this is wonderful. Nice job!
> _______________________________________________


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