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Subject: Behaviour of Stop button in tree browser (was Re: Fall back method for directories with no .dirname.mp3)
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-04-08

> Joerg, what about, as I was suggesting a couple of days ago, to spell
> the directory when pressing the stop button, so, the stop button
> would have this function, whatever the setting:
> 1. say .dirname.mp3 if available,
> 2. say number and spell the item if no .dirname.mp3 file is available.
> 3. on a file, says the number of the file and spells it.

I'm unsure about the existing concept. The stop button is not really free
within the browser. If the playback is active (you have returned from the WPS
by toggling with On), it stops the playback. But I can't restart it from here.
Is this intentional? Must be, since there is code for it. This code sets
restore=true, which is where the side effect of the "talking" Off-button comes
from. Why is this done?

On the other hand, we have no voice UI while playing anyway. So what you
describe could be feasible within the browser. But only for the Recorder models,
the Players don't have the button. This is a bit of a pity, so far all voice
functions work equally well on the Player models.


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