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Subject: .VBS Script, or Feature request, or Something....
From: Jason Canada (
Date: 2004-04-08

Hello All,
   Ok, I am a lurker who has finally subscribed... I have been living for the
daily builds, D/Ling them at work, copying english.voice files, and generating
clips like a mad man. Very little work is getting done in this cubicle, I can
tell you....
   Here's my dilema, I use a dir structure that has, as the first directory, a
"1 - Playlists" directory. I keep playlists under there by genre that
correspond to the full albums in the other directories... I currently move new
music into my JB and then open Winamp, create playlist for each directory, and
save them to the aforementioned 1 - playlist directory. This is a tedious
process... Is there a way to automate this either through a .VBS script run
externally or through a process in the menu?? I guess what I am looking for is
an auto-generating playlist function that will make me a playlist for each
individual directory that has some .mp3 files in it....
   Sorry for the ridiculously long first post, but I appreciate what
you guys are doing here and I have spread word of your good deed far and wide
among the geeks here in the cube farm. There are now 5 of us rocking our Boxes


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