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Subject: Re: .VBS Script, or Feature request, or Something....
From: Brian Wolven (
Date: 2004-04-08

Jason Canada wrote:

> Here's my dilema, I use a dir structure that has, as the first directory, a
> "1 - Playlists" directory. I keep playlists under there by genre that
> correspond to the full albums in the other directories... I currently move new
> music into my JB and then open Winamp, create playlist for each directory, and
> save them to the aforementioned 1 - playlist directory. This is a tedious
> process... Is there a way to automate this either through a .VBS script run
> externally or through a process in the menu?? I guess what I am looking for is
> an auto-generating playlist function that will make me a playlist for each
> individual directory that has some .mp3 files in it.... has both mp3Clipgen.vbs and another script that makes
playlists recursively of all songs in a folder, excluding the
.dirname.mp3 (tbx?) files. It works on a drag and drop basis also. In
other words you get one playlist containing all tracks in the whole
folder tree. This is nice for making a playlist for an entire genre or
all the works of a given artist, when they are spread over multiple folders.

If you'd like a script that generates a separate playlist for each
folder in one fell swoop (as opposed to dragging folders onto the script
individually) you'll have to give me a few minutes. =) You can sort of
do this already with rockbox, in the sense that when you "play" a folder
(or play the first track inside the folder) it generates a playlist for
everything in that folder. That's how I typically play an album. If
you'd prefer to collect all such playlist in a single genre-specific
folder then scripting *can* do it quickly - certainly faster than manual
operations in winamp.

If you've got a well-tagged collection, you can also generate all kinds
of playlists - sorted by artist/album/genre/year/etc. per your
specifications - using the ID3Browse program. This gives you a sorted
Ipod-like browsable collection of playlists.

If you've got missing tags, spelling variations, or other oddities,
you'll probably prefer the scripting solution.


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