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Subject: Re: Behaviour of Stop button in tree browser (was Re: Fall back method for directories with no .dirname.mp3)
From: Cristian (
Date: 2004-04-08

>Jörg wrote:

>On the other hand, we have no voice UI while playing anyway. So what you
>describe could be feasible within the browser. But only for the Recorder models,
>the Players don't have the button. This is a bit of a pity, so far all voice
>functions work equally well on the Player models.

Perhaps on the player we can find a different key? or hotkey? let's say: on+ right arrow?
Or assign to the f2 or f3 the function, when the language.voice file is present?

Joerg, last night I was playng a bit with the settings, and it would be nice to pause
a song or a speech and be able to set a bookmark, helped by the nice voice, is this
feasible? and, is it possible to read as numbers the bookmarks, that would be also
a very nice feature for those who read books. Thanks again for the great effort.

As a blind User, I think that once we have the battery level, a number for the bookmarks,
this is a great project, far more superior, to anything I ever saw, even build by the most
specialized blind organizations in the world, with a huge amount of money to spend.


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