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Subject: Re: Rockbox Digest, Vol 3, Issue 35
From: Isaac Kriegman (
Date: 2004-04-09

>>You should try to do a 'cfdisk /dev/sda1' before an
>>'mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sda1'...
>>I'm not sure, but that's what worked for me!
>'cfdisk /dev/sda' - not sda1.
>But nothing bad will happen - just won't work.
>AFAIK 'fdisk /dev/sda' does the same, so it should have worked fine.
>And mkfs.vfat and mkdosfs are one and the same, so he did it correctly.
Thats what I was thinking, but I decided to give it a try and lo and
behold it worked.

The chief difference that I noticed is that cfdisk didn't see the
partition that I'd made with fdisk. Odd, but true. (I'm about 90% sure
that I did fdisk twice or more and after the first time it showed the
new partition. Should I need to restart my computer to partition my
archos? fdisk gives some sort of notice like that, which I ignored,
because it seemed too tedious. I did unplug and replug the archos,
hoping that would be enough.) Once the partition was made with cfdisk,
I tried everything again, and it seemed to work.

- Zac

>Could mkdosfs have chosen a different sector or cluster size - one that
>neither rockbox nor archos is comfortable with?


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