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Subject: Re: Fall back method for directories with no .dirname.mp3
From: Andreas Stemmer (
Date: 2004-04-09

Glenn Ervin at Home wrote:
> I think the best way for the use of the spelling mode is to use one of
> the other 2 F keys to activate the spelling.
> Although I like to know which file is which, it is quite difficult for me
> listen to all those files being spelled, so I just don't use the spell
> function. But it would be great if we could arrow down through the list,
> file1, file2, ect., and press a button to hear it spelled.

As the buttons are very rare on this tiny device, I suggest a hover-like
solution for the spelling: play the .dirname.tbx or the number after 0.5
seconds of hovering over an directory entry, start spelling if the user is
hovering for additional 2 seconds.
I think you can assume that the user has enough time to wait the 2 seconds
if he/she really wants to have the item spelled.
The time intervals have to be adjusted to make it comfortable, but this way
we don't need extra options and extra keys for the feature.

Just my 0.02 EUR,

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