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Subject: Bookmark browser, rockbox info screen, and month setting
From: Aman Singer (
Date: 2004-04-12

Hi, all, and particularly to Jörg.
        First and foremost, the recent bookmarks list works! Very nice work!
The rockbox equipped Archos is now the best talking book player I've seen,
either adaptive or mainstream (and I've owned about ten or so different
types of devices). It's quite easy to use, and it's simple to add bookmarks
while playing, too.
        Secondly, the Rockbox info screen works well, but I'm not sure
whether it gives all shown info. Mine only says
        "disk space 14.1 Gigabyte (pronounced jigabyte, BTW, obviously a
message to the dancers on the Rockbox crew).
        and then gives me the time. I am, however, told that battery status,
or something that looks like battery status (80% 10:03), is also on the
screen. Is this the battery status, and is it supposed to be announced? If
yes on the first question and no on the second, could it be? It would also
be nice to have a way of knowing which CVS build is running at any
particular time.
        Finally, the new month announcement in time setting works
beautifully. Again, excellent.


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