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Subject: using excel to manage mp3's
From: Jason Williams (
Date: 2004-04-12

I just spent an entire day exporting my mp3's to Excel, deciding what of my
50gig collection i wanted on my jukebox and then figuring out how to use vis
basic to copy the files.

Anyone got a better way?

I ran the macro in 2 parts : once to creat the dirs and once to copy files.
Hence, the stuff with ' in front of it was the file folder creation part and
the other part was to copy.

I couldn't even do it all in one. I had to run it like 8 times cuz the
procedure was too big.

'ChDir "G:\"

For mycount = 1 To 3828
' For mycount2 = 1 To 4
' If mylist(mycount, mycount2) <> "" Then
' On Error Resume Next
' MkDir mylist(mycount, mycount2)
' On Error GoTo 0
' ChDir mylist(mycount, mycount2)
' End If
' Next mycount2
' ChDir "G:\"

FileCopy mylist(mycount, 1), mylist(mycount, 2)
Next mycount

End Sub


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