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Subject: Re: Config file with voice settings
From: Glenn Ervin at Home (
Date: 2004-04-13

I just tried this CFG file, and I am quite sure that it loaded, because I
noticed the volume drop as soon as I arrowed back into the root folder,
where my folders are speaking.
Then I went back into the menus and tried turning the menus back on and I
still can't get the menus to talk.
here are my menu keystrokes, and let me know if I am going about it wrong:
down arrow twice
right arrow once
up arrow once
right arrow twice
Here I think I should be in the yes or no for the voice menus.
I arrow up once and press play.
Then I left arrow out.
I figure, to my recollection, that there is only yes or no, so if it is not
talking, the up arrow one time should change it to the other.
Any suggestions?


----- Original Message -----
From: "Brian Wolven" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 4:55 PM
Subject: Config file with voice settings

   Try this one and see if it does something for you.



# >>> .cfg file created by rockbox CVS-040327 <<< # >>> <<< # # # wps / language / font # wps: /.rockbox/Car.wps font: /.rockbox/fonts/atadore.fnt # # Sound settings # volume: 68 bass: 3 treble: 3 balance: 0 channels: stereo loudness: 3 bass boost: 0 auto volume: off # # Playback # shuffle: off repeat: off play selected: on resume: ask scan min step: 1 scan accel: 3 antiskip: 3 volume fade: on # # File View # sort case: off show files: supported follow playlist: off # # Display # statusbar: on buttonbar: on scrollbar: on volume display: graphic battery display: numeric scroll speed: 8 scroll delay: 100 scroll step: 6 bidir limit: 50 backlight timeout: 6 backlight when plugged: on caption backlight: off contrast: 28 invert: off flip display: off invert cursor: off show icons: on peak meter release: 8 peak meter hold: 500ms peak meter clip hold: 60 peak meter busy: off peak meter dbfs: on peak meter min: 60 peak meter max: 0 # # System # disk spindown: 5 disk poweroff: off battery capacity: 1500 deep discharge: off trickle charge: on time format: 24hour idle poweroff: 3 car adapter mode: off max files in dir: 300 max files in playlist: 4000 # # Recording # rec quality: 5 rec frequency: 44 rec source: mic rec channels: stereo rec mic gain: 8 rec left gain: 2 rec right gain: 2 editable recordings: off prerecording time: 0 rec directory: /recordings # # Bookmarking # autoload bookmarks: off autocreate bookmarks: off use most-recent-bookmarks: on # # Playlists # recursive directory insert: ask # # Playlist viewer # playlist viewer icons: on playlist viewer indices: on playlist viewer track display: track name # # Voice # talk dir: hover talk file: numbers talk menu: on


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