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Subject: Video filter problems
From: John Wunder (
Date: 2004-04-15

Alright, I've decided the problems I've been having with the filter are
just a problem with my computer. It apparently happens on all the files,
I was just getting lucky with .mpegs and anything else. The strange thing
is that whatever the file is, it happens at the same line of code(in
assembly) every time that file crashes, but it's different for each file.
So, file A will crash at the same push statement every time, file B
crashes at an AND statement, file C at an ADD...etc. It's very strange.
It works if I don't try to write to a file. It's making it nearly
impossible to develop the GUI just because I can't run a conversion for
more than 3 seconds without it throwing the access violation...making
testing impossible. So I'm writing blind, basically. Ugh, this is gonna
be a bitch to fix.

On a side note, the new GUI should have a ton of new features(pausing, a
progress bar, a timer)...but unfortunately, like I said, the going is
rough. Give it maybe a week.


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