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Subject: Re: script to generate dir names mp3
From: Mat Holton (
Date: 2004-04-15

Once again, thanks everyone! It works now, my rockbox version was too old by a couple of days.
Now it works!
Shame, we can't have the sexy female voice saying the directories though.

Still, all ace, now I don't have to risk crashing when driving my car and changing

Excellent stuff everyone involved, thank you.


-----Original Message-----From: [IDC]Dragon <>To: Rockbox development <>Sent: 15/04/2004 11:33Subject: Re: script to generate dir names mp3> Thank you everyone. I've run the script and created loads of .dirname.tbx

> files but nothing happens.

> Do I have to run a Talkbox specific version of Rockbox?

No, just a current one (daily build).

You need to enable the talking under General Settings -> Voice.

If you don't have such an option, you're using the wrong version.



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