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Subject: RE: queue/insert with play button (party mode), patch 887081
From: Dennis Lui (
Date: 2004-04-17

"We choose the most frequently used option in the setup."

gotcha, this would be perfect.

has this feature been implemented in the daily builds yet??

im using a V2 recorder btw

>-- Original Message --
>From: "Tim Elliott" <>
>To: <>, "'Rockbox development'" <>
>Subject: RE: queue/insert with play button (party mode), patch 887081
>Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 14:46:14 -0500
>I think you are missing the point of simplicity. I want to do the same
>thing you want. I just don't want the menu. We choose the most frequently
>used option in the setup.
>While playing, I want to queue/insert a file or folder with a single key
>press (no menu).
>While stopped, I want to start plying a file or folder with a single key
>press, creating a new dynamic playlist, or resume the previous dynamic
>playlist by pressing "ON". This is similar to the current default Rockbox
>build except we still have to access the on+play to insert a folder and
>start playing it. I would like to do that with a single press of "play".
>-----Original Message-----
>From: []
>Behalf Of Dennis Lui
>Sent: Saturday, April 17, 2004 2:18 PM
>To: scott; Rockbox development
>Subject: RE: queue/insert with play button (party mode), patch 887081
>if right were "on+play," you could still get into directories by pressing
>the play button, right??
>i usually just make playlists on my PC using winamp. i do like the idea
>of using one button to insert a song at the end of the current playlist,
>however there are many times that i want to listen to a particular song
>without stopping the current playlist. basically, i use the insert/queue
>and insert next/queue next functions a lot more than i use insert last/queue
>last. does that make sense??
>i just want a quicker way to get to the playlist options menu (the one
>gives you the insert/queue functions) than pressing "on+play." whether
>this is attained by pressing "play" or "right" while in the directory
>make too much of a difference.
>>-- Original Message --
>>Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 11:43:07 -0700 (PDT)
>>From: scott <>
>>Subject: RE: queue/insert with play button (party mode), patch 887081
>>To:, Rockbox development <>
>>--- Dennis Lui <> wrote:
>>> i think the right button should just emulate the "on+play" action
>>i would much rather right stay the same and play be insert last. as it
>>i never use play in the
>>dir browser--i use right, because my finger's already over it from when
>>went into the directory.
>>also, if right were on+play, how would we go into directories? this also
>>allows us to insert
>>entire directories with just one button.
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