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Subject: Re: mp3 encoding quality and bitrates, how it works?
From: Cristian (
Date: 2004-04-18

Thanks Linus for your nice explanation...
You wrote:

> 22050, 24000, 16000: MPEG version 2

Is there a bitrate table for these frequences too?

> 11025, 12000, 8000: MPEG version 2.5 (not an official standard)

Is this supported by rockbox? for speech it would be nice, but I don't see any options to set them.

>Winamp is wrong if it tells you that the file isn't VBR. I can imagine a few reasons why it does:
>3) You have used the File Split feature in Rockbox (either Time Split, or pressing Play manually to start a new file

Yes, But How do I start a recording? I press play on start recording, then I must press the play button to start the recording and I think stop one time to pause and then stop again to exit. is this right?

>We removed the 0 gain setting because it was essentially useless. Who wants to record with no gain?

No, I meant, while in recording, if I need to fade a track, or I have a high source, sometimes I think that it would be nice to be able to lower the volume to zero while recording, so that iou can manually fade in and out, as you do with any normal good taperecorder. Maybe this is feasible and it's me who is not able to activate it? or perhaps do I have a sort of automatic gain level ON which I should turn off?

>I don't know about the hiss, though.

I can hear it while recording, is slight though, do others hear it? AJB recorder 20.

       Bye, and thanks again for the thorough information about the bitrates.



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