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Subject: re-flash (was Re: Video on Archos)
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2004-04-27

> Geedavee wrote:
> >
> > Do I need to flash it again? I updated with the daily build with the
> > ajbrec.ajz. I notice when I turn on the player, it still says version
> 2.1.

Yes, flashed boxes don't care about a ajbrec.ajz in the root. Otherwise, the
benefit of flashing would be taken away. To update, play a newer .ucl file,
very easy.

> >
> > What file do I use to flash it again?
> You should be able to go in the .rockbox directory and 'play' the .ucl
> file located there, as long as your current build isn't too old.

Yes, that's right.

> If you
> get messages about 'incompatible versions' or something like that, you
> may need to go back and re-run the whole flashing procedure again, just
> like the first time you flashed it, but with the newer code.

No need to go that drastic, you should rolo (=play) the new ajbrec.ajz to be
consistent with the also updated plugins. This is always possible and the
recommended way.

But if this gives you a reminder that your boot loader is outdated, you
should do the full flash like the first time.


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