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Subject: Re[2]: Klondike/Othelo

Re[2]: Klondike/Othelo

From: Eric Linenberg <>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:53:11 -0400

nope! not this time either!


B> I have been told the missing attachment was my fault (and not, as I
B> suspected, stripped by the mail server) so hopefully it is attached this
B> time :)

B> We can JUST ABOUT (8*14=112) get 8 cards across the screen - it would look
B> a little packed, but it should be possible.

B> If you're into solitaire games you might enjoy this link:

B> Othelo, yes I really should get around to fixing that... There's been a
B> whole load of political malarky going on off-list recently which has kinda
B> damped my whole enthusiasm thing - I suppose the logical argument is that I
B> should not let politics intefere with pride ;)

B> Did you particularly want it [pass] as an option, or would it be acceptable
B> for me to just fix it to conform to the ruleset used by everybody in the
B> world except me-and-my-mate-when-we-were-kids?

B> By the way - how good have you found the AI players to be - It would be
B> nice to have someone who can actually play to pass comment :)


>>After you finish with Klondike, any chance of a Freecell .rock? That's
>>another of my favorites, right up there with Othello. Speaking of which,
>>will we be seeing a revised Othello with turn-skip options any time in the
>>near future?
>>At 03:58 PM 4/29/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>Attached is an ALPHA release of the Klondike Solitaire .rock for anybody
>>>with a graphical screen.
>>>Unfortunately I have just discovered that the core lcd routines will
>>>trash memory if passed bad paramemters - this is great for speed -
>>>useless for sprite handling.
>>>I ASSUMED (that'll learn me) when I started Klondike that the core
>>>routines WOULD have clipping - and so it was written as such.
>>>Since this essentially means that I need to rewrite either (a) the core
>>>lcd routines (ludicrously unlikely I would ever get permission for that)
>>>OR (b) the way my program generates it's sprites (*sigh*)- it could be a
>>>l-o-n-g time before it happens.
>>>However Klondike runs fine on my jukekox, just don't expect anything
>>>spectacular if/when you win** - in fact, in theory you should expect
>>>Rockbox to crash at this point - quite why it doesn't is beyond me.
>>>In the mean time, feel free to enjoy this new game in its ALPHA state.
>>>Bug reports and UI feedback welcomed.
>>>** I was in the middle of writing this code when I realised that it would
>>>all need to be scrapped.
>>>PS. <sic>

Received on 2004-04-29

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